SimWave pursues its mission by making maritime industry safer through developing, delivering and supporting outsourced solutions with maritime (simulator) training, allowing companies of all sizes to use simulators for TRAINING, ASSESSMENT and APPLIED RESEARCH, whenever needed and to customers’ needs.

SimWave is a state-of-the-art center of excellence with over fifty-nine simulators and over 5000 m2 high-quality environment rooms. As an Offshore Training Center located on a unique spot in the Port of Rotterdam, it passionately ensures that everyone working at sea can safely return to his/her home. SimWave also provides training for the Oil & Gas, Offshore Wind, and Marine sectors as well as various courses for the industrial sector.

Future proof and tailor-made

SimWave offers companies the use of its facilities. The facilities are future proof and tailor-made according to your company’s own corporate values and strategy. This gives you the benefits of having a dedicated in-house training center without the need to invest in the right simulator infrastructure and capacities or having the burden of operating it.

Globally unique integration with bridge simulator

A number of models can be integrated with one or more of our bridge simulators. This feature is globally unique!

Additionally, our full mission engine room simulator is situated in a two-storey room. You rapidly imagine yourself in an actual engine room.