LISA connects you to an international network of maritime professionals. Using state of the art technology, peer-to-peer support and presenting the latest innovative companies, this community can boost your performance like no other.

LISA Community Industry

Every day, 80.000 commercial ships transport goods and raw materials, serve the leisure market and execute projects in ports and offshore sites. Thousands of companies make this possible. LISA connects the people within these companies that design, build, supply, maintain, repair, converse, operate, manage, sell and recycle commercial ships.

LISA offers you the possibility to connect with forward-thinking Equipment Suppliers, Service Providers, Shipyards, Shipowners and Trade Associations. Visit Premium Members to connect with experts, join online and offline events, and stay updated to the latest developments. Join the Company of your liking and stay connected 365 days a year. Gaining knowledge has never been easier.


The LISA Community is growing into an all-encompassing business platform for the maritime industry. If you seek support in your sales, marketing, business development or innovation efforts, LISA can play a vital role in generating new contacts, insights, and business opportunities. Using mobile and online technology, the support of the network and in-depth market insights, this community can boost your performance unlike any other.

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