International Company for Security Services and Training (ICSST), a company registered in Doha, the State of Qatar, having its registered office at New Saaliyah, P.O. Box 24330, Doha, State of Qatar.

ICSST, now a Semi-Government owned organization provides professional consultation, procurement, and training service to the Oil & Gas Industry, Construction Industry, Aviation Industry, Maritime Industry, Commercial Sector, Security Sector, Government Sector, and Military Forces. ICSST operates a fire specific department providing consultation services, preventative maintenance services and specialized accredited training services.
International Company for Security Services and Training offers Professional Training Services, Skilled Consultancy and Advisory Services, Logistical Services and equipment procurement services to all the named industries. In 2013 the academy entered the education sector providing educational support and assistance in The State of Qatar and further afield opening up International locations in Australia, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

WCO recognizes that ICSST has become the first training provider in the State of Qatar to complete the accreditation process of eight professional course programs accredited by The International Fire Services Accreditation Congress (IFSAC). These accredited fire course programs provide the State of Qatar Employers with a professional certificate recognized on an international level. In February 2020, WCO and ICSST entered a partnership agreement to better use the capabilities and synergies existing in the State of Qatar and in the Netherlands to promote safety in high-risk industries and optimally use the potentials existing in these countries and the surrounding countries.