Technofer is a private Dutch company registered in the Chamber of Commerce of The Hague in the Netherlands (KVK 66502608).

Technology is the common heritage of mankind. In order for the human beings to survive in the age of decreasing resources and increasing population, there is no choice but to share technology to ensure the survival of mankind.


Our world today is facing with enormous unprecedented climate changes, population increase, and at the same time depreciation of natural resources. Optimal and effective use of existing resources and reliance on renewable energy and recycles resources are the sole guarantee of continuation of survival of mankind on the earth and of future generations. This is now imperative for national governments, international organizations and businesses as well as families and individuals to pay special heed and attention to the issue of sustainability and recycling. Ignoring this priority imperils the life of our children and grandchildren.

Technofer considers its mission to help the flow of sustainable and permanent technology from those who have such a technology to those who are in need of such a technology for their future survival. Technofer’s efforts will be a small step in the long human journey of making the earth suitable to live for all its inhabitants.

The approach adopted by Technofer is in line with identifying such technologies among those who have and to transfer them to those who need taking into account the legal rights of those who produce such technologies at commercial level so that not only such economic an intellectual rights are preserved but also  those who need  them to get to know them and to get access to such needed technologies through payment of the minimum costs required to get them. In this regard the approach of Technofer for sustainable environment is based on the following considerations:






Health & Safety

Englebright Dam spills over the top instead of having its own spillway



Inter’l Cooperation

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