NOGEPA 2.7AF - Coxswain Free-Fall lifeboat The Coxswain Lifeboat Conventional Lifeboat and Free-fall Training is intended for those designated as
NOGEPA 2.7A C&F - Coxswain Conventional & Free-Fall Lifeboat This training is intended for persons designated to work as helmsmen
The Banksman Offshore (Nogepa 1.9A) is a three-day practical training that has been specially developed for operational personnel involved in
NOGEPA 2.7AC - Coxswain Conventional Lifeboat and Capsules The Coxswain Lifeboat Training is intended for those who are designated as
Introduction The Basic Offshore Safety Introduction and Emergency Response Training (NOGEPA 0.5a BOSIET + STILL supplement) is a three-day training
Rigging & Slinging for Riggers & Banksmen (DNV) This 3-day practice-oriented Rigging & Slinging for Riggers & Banksmen training is
Introduction The HUET (Helicopter Underwater Escape Training) is a one-day training specially intended for offshore personnel that uses a helicopter
E-BOSIET (OPITO 5703 / NOGEPA 0.5A / Digital Delivery BOSIET) Introduction OPITO has designed the e-learning method for the theoretical
Introduction The Further Offshore Emergency Training (0.5b FOET) is a one-day refresher training. The training is intended for offshore personnel whose