Banksman (NOGEPA 1.9A)

The Banksman Offshore (Nogepa 1.9A) is a three-day practical training that has been specially developed for operational personnel involved in lifting activities on board ships and / or on oil platforms. The purpose of this Banksman training is that the participants, in collaboration with the crane operator, carry out the lifting activities safely, responsibly and efficiently.

The Banksman training is NOGEPA certified. The certificate is valid for four years, before the expiry date the training must be repeated with a Banksman refresher (NOGEPA 1.9B). This certificate gives an exemption for the ‘SOG BVL and VVL-H’ certificates within the (petro) chemical industry in the Netherlands and can therefore be followed instead of these courses.

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This training consists of a combination of theory instruction, practice-oriented exercises and practice exercises with a crane and other lifting equipment. The following topics are covered:

  • Materials and equipment (including Fiber ropes, Fiber Slings, Wire Ropes, Slings, DNV 2.7-1 container, Shackles, Chains, Hoists and Winches, Lifting Beams and Spreader Bars, Sheave Blocks, ROV Equipment)
    • Selecting the safest and most efficient materials and equipment;
    • Latest developments;
    • Recognizing unsafe materials and equipment.
  • Faucets;
  • Lifting staff;
  • Anchor control;
  • Rules and legislation;
  • Basic charge calculations;
  • Certification, inspection and marking;
  • Safe use of materials.

Class times:
On the first day, participants are expected to register at 7:45 am. The other training days start at 8.30 a.m. All training days will end around 4 p.m., provided no additional training sessions have been booked.

The training is given in English as standard. On request, the training for groups can be organized in a different language. It is possible to hire an interpreter via STC-KNRM.

Entry requirements
No entry requirements are set for participation in this course. If participants have to work Offshore then a valid Offshore Medical examination is mandatory.

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