Heli-Deck Emergency Response Team Member (HERTM)

Heli-Deck Emergency Response Team Member (HERTM) – 32-Hours – OPITO

This HERTM Course is an accredited program by Falck Safety Services Qatar

Pre-Course Requisites

– Must be over 18-Years of Age
– Medical requirements established by the Authority having Jurisdiction

Target Audience

Personnel who are currently appointed or candidate Offshore Helideck Assistants (HDAs) that require OPITO-certified emergency response training in Helideck and Helicopter Emergencies as part of their overall competence requirement.

Course Overview

The aim of the HDA Helideck Emergency Response Team Member (HERTM) Training program is to equip Offshore Helideck Assistants with the knowledge, understanding, and skills required to perform an emergency response team member role in Offshore Helideck and Helicopter Emergencies.

Course Contents

– Helideck Emergency Response Preparedness
– Helideck emergency response pre-planning
– Helideck and helicopter emergency systems and controls
– NUI (Normally unattended installations) HDA Emergency Response
– NUI emergency response requirements
– HDA: Helideck Emergency Response Team Member (HERTM)
– HDA HERTM response in Helideck and helicopter emergencies practical scenario exercises

Reference: Standard Code 7022

For more information, and/or registration contact us via:

+31 (0) 626 333 533

Location: Qatar


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