Basic VCA e-learning only (in English)

The Basic VCA e-learning only (English) is intended for employees who need to obtain their Basic  VCA diploma and who want to prepare independently for the exam. After completing the e-learning you will receive proof of participation. This is not the same as the VCA diploma. Does your colleague master the curriculum? Then contact us to schedule the VCA exam at one of the many locations in the Netherlands.

The e-learning for Basic VCA gives you access to 12 online modules, practice questions, reference, sample exams and extra documents such as a glossary, abbreviation list, and exam development.

The following modules are covered:

Part A: Preparing, discussing and inspecting the work

  • Regulations and safety rules
  • Safe working, consultation, and inspection
  • Prevention

Part B: Performing work

  • The workplace
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Work equipment
  • Specific activities and circumstances

Part C: Managing specific hazards

  • Hazardous Substances
  • Electricity and radiation
  • Fire and explosion

Part D: Managing incidents and emergencies

  • Accidents
  • Emergency situations

Class times:
Study for the exam when and where you want. The e-learning contains approximately 7 hours of course material.

This e-learning is offered in English. Do you want to book another e-learning? 

Exam locations:

  • Almere
  • Amersfoort
  • Amsterdam
  • Apeldoorn
  • Arnhem
  • shafts
  • Assendelft
  • Bergen op Zoom
  • Berlicum
  • Beverwijk
  • Borger
  • Breda
  • Capelle aan den Ijssel
  • Coevorden
  • the Hague
  • Dordrecht
  • Drachten
  • Eindhoven
  • Elst
  • Enschede
  • Geleen
  • Genemuiden
  • Goes
  • Groningen
  • Hoofddorp
  • Wooden
  • Nijmegen
  • Reeuwijk
  • Ridderkerk
  • Rijswijk
  • Rotterdam
  • Schiedam
  • Sliedrecht
  • Someren
  • Spijkenisse
  • Stellendam

Cancellation must be made in writing by e-mail to
We use the following cancellation scheme:
1. Not started return within 10 working days after purchase: no costs
2. Not started return 10 working days or later after purchase: 100% costs
3. Started return: 100% costs

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