H2S (NOGEPA 0.8)

The H2S training (NOGEPA 0.8) takes approximately 4 hours and is a safety training for personnel (onshore and offshore) who come into contact with H2S sensitive installations. In most cases this concerns employees from the oil and gas extraction industry, but this training is also suitable for employees who work in, for example, sewers, sewage treatment plants, manure treatment and waste processing where possible H2S occurs.

The purpose of this training is to make participants aware of the risks in work environments where the deadly H2S (hydrogen sulphide) can be released.

This training can be booked as supplementary training with the Basic Offshore Safety Introduction and Emergency Response Training (0.5A BOSIET) or the Further Offshore Emergency Training (0.5B FOET). The training can also be booked ‘separately’ and organized at your location.

The following topics are covered in the H2S training:

  • Regulations and the Working Conditions Act
  • Hazards and properties
  • Working with H2S at a location
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Flight procedures
  • First aid for H2S victims

This training can be booked as ‘on board training’ at a location of your choice and as a classroom training at STC-KNRM. Do you want to have the training performed at your location? Please contact us, we are happy to discuss the options.

Class times:
The class times of this training are variable. We ask the participants if they want to be present 15 minutes before the start of the training for registration.

The training is given in English as a standard. On request, the training for groups can be organized in a different language. It is possible to hire an interpreter via STC-KNRM.

Additional options:
The H2S training can be booked immediately following one of the following training courses:

  • FOET
  • HUET

Please note that the lesson day ends later. Do you want to book this training as a supplement? If you book the BOSIET, FOET or HUET training, you can add the H2S training in step 3 of the booking form.

Admission Requirements:
There are no specific admission requirements for this training.

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