VIL VCU training

In the 1-day safety course for Consultants and VCU (VIL-VCU), participants are quickly and professionally prepared for the VIL VCU exam, which completes the course. An experienced instructor deals with the most important VIL VCU topics and developments discusses the ‘pitfalls’ of the exam and goes through a test exam with you.

The participants are advised to read the textbook independently in advance. We will send the textbooks to you in advance. Participants who fail the exam can schedule a resit at 28 locations throughout the Netherlands.

VIL-VCU training covers the following topics:

  • Welfare legislation;
  • Legislation for intermediary labor market;
  • Hazardous Substances;
  • Fire hazard;
  • Explosion danger;
  • Working in closed spaces;
  • Safe working in general;
  • Working safely with electricity;
  • Working safely with tools;
  • Working safely with hoisting equipment and forklifts;
  • Working safely at heights;
  • Task risk analysis;
  • Personal protective equipment.

Class times:
The training is scheduled from 9 a.m. to 3.30 p.m., after which the VIL VCU exam takes place.

The training is given in Dutch. The training can also be booked for groups in English or German. In this case, you can contact us via .

Admission Requirements:
Specific prior education is not required. Participants must be able to read ‘comprehensively’.

Additional options:
For groups, we also provide courses including an on-site exam.

The prices mentioned include a textbook and written exam, coffee, tea, and lunch.

For participants with a reading or language problem, there is the possibility of a reading exam. For groups and in-company courses, the course type and times can be adjusted in consultation.

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