IMIST (OPITO 5312) e-learning and exam

IMIST stands for International Minimum Industry Safety Training and is an OPITO certified training. This standard is supported worldwide by the oil and gas industry. The IMIST e-learning program has been developed to provide a new global standard for health and safety training. This is a comprehensive and consistent training to increase employee safety and compliance.

The IMIST standard ensures that the employee has the necessary safety awareness to reduce the risk of the number of accidents.

The IMIST certificate is valid for 4 years. If you want to use this certificate in the UK, you must check whether the client you are going to work for accepts this.

The e-learning and the exam are available in the following 12 languages:

  • American;
  • British English;
  • Arabic;
  • Hindi;
  • Bahasa Malaysian;
  • French;
  • Vietnamese;
  • Thai;
  • Indonesian;
  • Russian;
  • Kazakh;
  • Danish.

The IMIST training contains 9 modules:

  1. Introduction to the hazardous environment;
  2. Work safely;
  3. Insight into the risk assessment process;
  4. Tasks for which a work permit is required;
  5. Personal responsibility in maintaining the integrity of assets;
  6. Manual handling techniques that are used daily;
  7. Control of the use of hazardous substances;
  8. Knowledge and processes of working at height;
  9. Awareness of mechanical lifting activities.

IMIST starts with an introduction in which the safety knowledge of employees from the oil and gas industry is assessed on the basis of various questions. The answers given are evaluated, after which a unique course is compiled for the participant. E-Learning is compiled on the basis of incorrectly answered questions. Each participant goes through e-learning specifically aimed at his or her knowledge. The information from the e-learning is tested on the basis of various questions. The themes for which questions have been answered incorrectly are repeated until the participant answers all questions correctly.


Do you want to organize this e-learning for a group of employees on location? Please contact us for the possibilities!

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