On board: CA-EBS (OPITO 5902 / NOGEPA 0.5C)

The Compressed Air Emergency Breathing System (CA-EBS) approved by OPITO and NOGEPA was developed in response to the CAA Report (CAP 1145) for passengers traveling in the UK sector by helicopter to and from an offshore installation or ship. From September 2014 this training is compulsory for the UK sector and from 1 May 2015 this training is also made mandatory in the Netherlands. STC-KNRM is accredited by OPITO and NOGEPA to provide this training.

The objective of this training is to provide the participants with the necessary knowledge and to provide insight into the properties and possible dangers of a Compressed Air Emergency Breathing System.
After the training, the participants know how to apply the system in practice in the right way.

This training can be booked as supplementary training with the Basic Offshore Safety Introduction and Emergency Respense Training (0.5A BOSIET), the Further Offshore Emergency Training (0.5B FOET) and the Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET). The training can also be booked ‘separately’ via the book now button.

Are you interested in this training? Use the ‘Book direct’ button to view the schedule and book the training.
STC-KNRM can also provide this training on location. If you are interested in this, we ask you to contact the booking office.

The following topics are covered during the CA-EBS training:

  • The differences between a ‘re-breather’ system and a compressed air system;
  • The application of the compressed air system during helicopter emergency situations;
  • The dangers of compressed air ventilation systems.

The participants must show the following actions to be able to pass the training:

  • A pre-flight inspection of the life jacket and Compressed Air Emergency Breathing System;
  • Correctly putting on the life jacket and Compressed Air Emergency Breathing System and performing a ‘buddy check’;
  • The use of the Compressed Air Emergency Breathing System during a simulated emergency situation in the ‘dry’ environment.

Lesson times:
The starting time depends on the booked date.


The training is given in English as standard. On request, the training for groups can be organized in a different language. It is possible to hire an interpreter via STC-KNRM.

Additional options:
The CAEBS training can be booked immediately following one of the following training courses:

  • FOET
  • HUET

Please note that the lesson day ends later. Do you want to book this training as a supplement? If you book the BOSIET, FOET or HUET training, you can add the CAEBS training in step 3 of the booking form.

Requirements : Participants must be in possession of a valid BOSIET 0.5A, FOET 0.5B or HUET certificate.


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