Sea Survival (GWO) Refresher

This module has been prepared in accordance with the guidelines of the Global Wind Organization (GWO).
The Sea Survival (GWO) Refresher training is intended for personnel working in the wind industry, working on wind turbines and offshore wind farms, who already hold the Sea Survival certificate and comply with the biennial repeat obligation. This training provides knowledge and skills about what to do when you hit the water.

This training offers theoretical and practical knowledge about disasters on board a ship and/or offshore wind installation, first aid, evacuation procedures, and survival techniques.
With this course, focusing on both theory and practice, STC-KNRM contributes to a safer working environment for personnel in the wind industry. This training is based on the extensive experience of STC-KNRM in providing Sea Survival training for offshore and maritime personnel. For practical parts, for example, a KNRM lifeboat with the jet drive is used. But also the advanced swimming pool at the STC-KNRM location, where all weather types can be simulated.

The following components are covered in this training:

  • the dangers and symptoms of hypothermia and drowning;
  • advantages and limitations of the various LSA, PPE and PFPE used in the offshore wind industry;
  • attracting or using the various LSA, PPE and PFPE materials;
  • transfer to and from the board in a safe manner;
  • emergency procedures, safety equipment and measures on and at installations, ships, and wind turbines;
  • procedures in a man-on-board situation (SAR, GMDSS Recovery and First Aid);
  • evacuation procedures for wind turbines;
  • basic knowledge about survival at sea, individually and in a group.

Class times:
Participants are expected to register at 7.45 am. The training will start at 8.30 AM and end around 4 PM.

The training is given in English. On request, the training for groups can be organized in a different language. It is also possible to hire an interpreter via STC-KNRM.

Additional options:
Following the GWO Sea Survival refresher the following training courses can be booked:

  • GWO Fire Awareness refresher;
  • GWO Manual Handling refresher;
  • GWO First Aid refresher;
  • GWO Working at Heights refresher;
  • Medical examination.

Requirements: A requirement to participate in the refresh training is that the participant must be in possession of a valid Sea Survival certificate. In addition, it is important that the participant is in possession of a medical examination. STC-KNRM can arrange this inspection for you. It is also possible to hand over a statement from a doctor showing that you are physically able to participate in the training. 

Winda registration
From October 17, 2016, all participants in the GWO training must register as a participant in WINDA. Once the registration has been completed you will receive a WINDA ID, you must have sent this WINDA ID to before the training ends. This WINDA ID is your personal identification and all your future GWO training courses will be registered under this ID. You can register for a WINDA ID with a smartphone, tablet or PC at .

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